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The simpler form of the competitive sex combat in which you set a time limit such as 40 or 60 minutes ans/or a score goal. Whoever reaches the target score wins. Otherwise, after the time has expired, the points scored by submissions and, if so determined, by pins will count. In an orgasm, the sex fight also ends before the time has elapsed or the goal has been reached. The sexual attacks allowed in addition to the usual wrestling holds either lead to this climax or make the other wrestler tap out.

The wrestlers are hardly restricted in the performance of the exercises and fighting techniques. A round is not limited in time and always goes to the point where one of them is surrendered or pinned. If a fighter gets into a disadvantageous position where she can be easily held and stimulated, this can take an extremely long time. Depending on how well she can control herself.

A tactic that can also be used to maintain one’s own leadership by frittering away time, but which is aimed at the slow compulsion to orgasm: The opponent should be determined as long as possible or at best until the final whistle. Through targeted stimulation, it is possible for a wrestler to remain at a constant level of arousal. Through ecstasy her body is defenseless and therefore easy to dominate. However, she must also be psychologically stunned so that she does not submit because the longing for a climax in her is stronger. If this is the case, it makes no sense to grant her salvation. Rather, it should be delayed as long as possible. Also, so that the orgasm then becomes all the more powerful. Unless you are lagging behind in scoring.

Sex fighting does not mean that the fight ends with an orgasm or that it is the ultimate goal of both wrestlers. Especially as a good sex wrestler would be very well trained in delaying her own climax. Also not every boxing match ends with a knockout. That this is a sex fight is best seen in the fact that the fight is also conducted with sexual weapons to wear down the opponent. Not only humiliating wrestling grips like headlocks serve this purpose, but also merciless sexual subjugation. Without a time limit that a wrestler has to endure, every time she submits, she admits to standing shortly before orgasm. And the harder it is for her to assert herself in this ultimate sexual sport.

The feelings that come up during a hard sex fight provide a lot of motivation to humiliate the opponent in the midst of all the spectators. Showing the spectators the opponents amazing orgasm during which the opponent shrugs and screams without any control over her naked body is surely the highest form of satisfaction. But it also counts to stimulate her uninterruptedly while everyone can see it. Or forcing them to a submission that has to be spoken out loud so that everyone can hear it.

The sex wrestling fight is physically and psychologically an imposition and only suitable for women who are into it. Sexfight wrestling combines fitness, fighting spirit and sexuality.

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