Every orgasm equals a point

Concerning the other match types like the round based sexfight and the sexfight on time limit or with a score goal the first orgasm decides the defeat. But a fight does not have to be limited to a maximum of one orgasm. The possibility of several orgasms in the same fight must be clearly distinguished from the variants in which the orgasm inevitably means defeat.

The basis here is that it is a possibility to win points by forcing the opponent to climax. This makes the fight much more sexual. The appeal of having to give up before an orgasm can be sustained by the fact that a submission earns fewer points than an orgasm. Of course, pins can also be set as a way to earn points. Possible is e.g:

Another possibility is that there will be no submissions. So there is no tapping out allowed. A referee then has to be careful that the wrestlers don’t use too strong holds, as it is not there to make the opponent to give up, but only to fix her while preparing her for the next orgasm. It is then a very sexual fight with many intense orgasms and merciless sexual subjugation. Pins could be a good way to keep chasing points from an opponent weakened by multiple orgasms or ecstasy. If you also omit pins, the ecstasy has no longer the purpose to make the opponent easier to overcome physically.