Sexual wrestling in rounds

This type of sexual wrestling is divided into a certain number of tomporary rounds. For example, 20 rounds of 3 minutes each or 10 rounds of 6 minutes each, if you want a maximum total duration of one hour. This is very scalable and the combat conditions are very influenced by it.

By pin or submission the current round can only be won when half of the round is over. Pins are not counted beforehand and surrendering holds should’t be executed too strong. A wrestler is also not allowed to tap out even if she is approaching an orgasm. If her opponent forces her to an orgasm already in the first half of a round, the fight is already decided. If, on the other hand, the dominated wrestler can hold out until the referee announces in half of the time, she can still give up and has only lost the round. A round in which time runs out without a pin, submission or orgasm is always a draw and none of the wrestlers gets a point.

A premature victory is not only possible by orgasm, but also if a fighter wins a share of all possible points that cannot be overtaken. For example, If she has already won 6 out of 10 rounds, the victory is hers.

This kind of sex wrestling fight is very structured by the rules and progresses quickly, depending on how long the rounds last. It can’t happen that stalemates persist for a long time, because the current round runs out sometime. The wrestlers are under time pressure, because every drawn round would be a wasted point and the opponent has to be defeated quickly. However, with each new round both have the chance to win the fight by orgasm, if they are fast enough. With increasing stimulation level later in the fight this becomes more and more likely and so the fight is consistently intense, hot and slippery.