Gay Wrestling

Gay wrestling, i.e. sex wrestling between men, is of course completely different from the fight woman against woman. For the wrestlers it can be much harder to suppress their sex impulses and resist the extreme excitement. A few minutes of manual work could be the last of the fight, whereas it takes much longer to force a female fighter to climax. How gay wrestling works naturally depends on your own ideas. Such a wrestling can be carried out as submission wrestling to a time limit or scoring target, the division of the fight into rounds is possible or it is even fought until one of the wrestlers ejaculation.

The male sex hormones – the testosterone – which are released extremely strongly by the sexual tension, donate strength in the ideal case and let the wrestler feel very masculine and continue to fight. Because he is horny on the fight. Busy with the fight, the body again finds it harder to reach a climax. If a sexual wrestler manages this, he has an enormous advantage, if the opponent is otherwise physically rather on the same level. He can win many submissions for himself, if his opponent does not manage this and often has to submit to avoid his ejaculation.

sexual abstinence before fighting

An important rule option for gay wrestling is how long the wrestlers must be sexually abstinent before the fight. After one week the testosterone level is on average about 50% higher. If sexually starved wrestlers compete against each other, a much hornier and harder fight can be expected.